Community Living

Frontline Services, Inc. is very proud to be able to provide Community Living Supports to Persons with Disabilities. What is Community Living Supports? Frontline Services, Inc. believes Community Living Supports are supports that should empower all people to more independently recognize and utilize their community.

As we provide supports to Persons with Disabilities, our goal is to provide staff that can be teachers. As we assist those we support, we believe that they must do, and learn to do as much as they possibly can themselves. Our staff will assist them and teach them as they go through their daily lives and activities. If a person we support does not know how to tie their shoes, or may have a physical challenge that makes it difficult, our staff will find ways to support them so they can learn how to tie their shoe. This is the same process for any of their every day living activities.

Living in the community and taking care of every day living activities in our homes is not all there is to living in the community. Being an active member in the community also involves being active as a neighbor, a consumer, taking part in community activities, utilizing stores, public transportation and services, finding friends and groups to participate in, and giving back by volunteering and serving in the community.

Frontline assists those we support in being active in the community by developing specific and individualized programs which allow them to be their own individual. All of us have similarities and differences. We all define ourselves based on what it is we like to do, our goals, wants, desires and needs. Once we have explored these areas with the person, we then assist them in developing strategies and systems to realize these outcomes.

Frontline also recognizes the importance of appropriate, organized health and medical supports for people to live successfully in the community. We assist those we support by empowering them to pick their doctors and health care supports. We also assist them in any way they may need to assure these supports are in place and meet their needs.

In closing, Frontline's goal is to teach those we support independence in all areas of their life, to teach them about their community, to assist them in utilizing their community and the support structures which are their for them as well as for all of us. In turn it will assist all people in the community to better understand each other and how we can all positively enhance each others lives.

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